Are There Other Dimensions?

When we were expelled from the Garden of Eden, we were cut off from another reality, another world. Our eyes are now veiled to that other world, but there is something inside of us that connects with stories about it if we choose to listen. A voice buried deep within tells us they are true. There are memories from Eden, the other world, laden within us.

All you see with your physical eyes isn’t all there is. There is much more. It is similar to going outside during the day and looking up and not seeing stars. The stars are there, you just can’t see them.

There is another realm you can’t see now. In this realm, God’s presence is fully known. Angels come and go. Demons wage war. Marvelous creatures unlike any we have seen exist.
Maybe that is why we connect with stories like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia.

John Ortberg describes this in his book The Life You’ve Always Wanted:

Frederick Buechner once wrote that every age has produced fairy tales. Something inside us believes, or wants to believe, that the world as we know it is not the whole story. We long for the reenchantment of reality. We hope that death is not the end, that the universe is something more than an enclosed terrarium. So we keep spinning and repeating stories that hold the promise of another world.

But these stories don’t simply demand that another world exists. A common feature of fairy tales is that the enchanted world is not far away. You step into a wardrobe and you’re in Narnia. You walk through a forest and stumble on a cottage with seven dwarfs. This other world turns out to be far closer than you thought. In fact, the stories that endure are the ones that most deeply touch this longing inside us.

We can have contact with this other world. We don’t have to go through a wardrobe door rather we can enter it by way of the Spirit.

When we pray to God, we have contact with the one who sits enthroned in this realm. It is like picking up your phone and calling or texting heaven. It is a passageway by which we can communicate with God and connect to the other reality. Prayers unleashes heaven on the difficult circumstances of this earth. It opens a door. It invites God to get involved in your circumstances.

I write more about this in my book Out of Control.

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